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Star Realms high damage turns

Sep 21, 2017
3 minute read

I played an interesting game on the Star Realm app today:

Star Realms deckbuilder game. Showing a large number of bases, outposts, and units in play for the player. The opponent has 30 authority left. The player has 246 authority, 47 money, and 548 damage. It is the player's turn. There are no cards in the trade row except Explorer

Now to any player of the game will know that this is an unusual game. A lot of cards are in play. Recently, to make this game more interesting, I was wondering what was the higest amount of damage I could inflict in a single turn. This was the first time I broke the 500 damage mark.

There are a few particular cards needed to actually achieve a high damage cound. Since I’m bored, I’ll go into more details. But first, some additional information:

So here it is:

The most overpowered card in the deck, in my humble opinion, is the Blob World Base.

Blob World base card. Deals 5 damage or draw a card for each blob card that you played this turn

Allowing you to draw one card per Blob card in play is absolutely insane. So how many Blob cards are in deck with the expansions listed above? Here is the list



18 units and 8 Bases. So potentially 26 additional cards. Actually it’s possible to bump that number to 28 using two of these cards:

Merc Cruiser card. Can change factions

So drawing 20+ cards in a turn won’t get you 500+ damage. There are a few other cards you’ll need to accomplish this:

Battle Barge card. Allows you to return a base in play back into your hand Mega Mech card. Allows you to return a base in play back into your hand

Both these cards allow you to return the Battle World from play back into your hand. Allowing you to put it back into play and using it’s ability again. There are 2 Battle Barges in the deck and 1 Mega Mech. That said, I don’t know if it’s possible to draw all 26 Blob cards and both Merc Cruisers before using the Blob World. If possible, then in the best case scenario you could draw 112 cards in a single turn - plus the 5 you start with. If you have the Fleet HQ that’s 117 points of damage right there.

Oh wait, I forgot about the Stealth Needle!

Stealth Needle card. Allows you to copy another card that you've played this turn

Copy the Mega Merc and pick up another 20+ cards.

Now if you’re opponent isn’t absolutely conspiring with you to lose, it’ll likely take some of the Blob cards. I never got all the Blob units in a single game - and without having a human player willing to just pick up Explorers, you will likely never get that lucky (plus get both Merc Cruisers, both Battle Barges, the Mega Mech, and the Stealth Needle - and all the other high damaging cards you’ll need). You just need a lot of luck to get the right cards at the right time.