Back to basics

Back to Basics

Mar 3, 2016
1 minute read

Approximately 8 months ago I switched blogging platforms to a mix of GitHub and Jekyll. In previous blogging platforms I would spend some time finding a theme I like. I took this opportunity to ditch themes and go with some basic CSS. While it looks ugly, some things come free (“Responsive design”? ✓ Mobile-friendly? ✓ Works on pretty much every browser? ), and it’ll likely work for browsers that aren’t even released or invented yet.

The motivation to do this goes back to my old BlackBerry Bold 9780 phone whose browser and capabilities were so limited that I had to turn off images and javascript when surfing the web, because otherwise I would risk crashing my browser. The other reason for switching off images/js was that many sites took too long to load over 3G. So I began to really prefer text-only sites that were much easier to navigate.

Overall pretty happy with the website, though certainly not a good portfolio item to show off :)